The Quaker Connection

Charles Berridge followed closely in the footstep of his father albeit, one suspects, in a less flamboyant, more circumspect manner. Like Sir Charles, he was both a practising physician and social reformer. He effected improvements in sanitation and, in 1864, published London Noise Disturbing Sleep. His professional life and good works are summed up in his obituary published in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal for Saturday 3 August 1872:

Salisbury and Winchester Journal

A more detailed account of the life and achievements of Charles James Berridge ALDIS can be found in the excellent biography of him in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He is summed up by his biographer as having sacrificed “the possibility of a safe and lucrative private practice for work involving daily contact with the poor and socially excluded”.

Charles James Berridge Aldis