Edward Aldis Schoolmaster and Aldis of Long Stratton (1717 - 1790)

James’s Deed of Assent 3 July 1801

In Memory of
who died 15th May 1790 Aged 75 years

and of
his wife
who died 6th March 1806 Aged 74 years
St Mary's Church
Long Stratton

The church in Moulton where Edward, the schoolmaster, was baptised.

to the memory of James Aldis
who died
March 31st 1855
aged 83 years

Alongside James’s is that of his wife Esther Bailey:
Sacred to the memory of Esther the wife of James Aldis
who died 24 April 1869 Aged 87 years.

James's brother George was either buried elsewhere or, more likely, his gravestone is lost. In almost eerie silence the stones of three of his four wives stand in a row:

Judith (Mallett) the wife of George Aldis died 28 June 1802 aged 36 years
Eliza(beth James) the wife of George Aldis died 29 August 1813 aged 41 years
Ann (Springall) the wife of George Aldis died 9 January 1824 aged 47 years

But George and his last wife Hannah are not among them or nearby. George was buried 28 July 1855, aged 86. Hannah, who was 79 in the 1851 Census, was not registered for burial in Stratton.
In 1800 James and George were rated for poor rate valuation* at, respectively,8 pounds and 10 shillings and 3 pounds and 5 shillings. By 1838 George is the occupier and proprietor of house and land in Hall Lane, rateable value 6 pounds, while James has a similar value property in the churchyard. Several other properties in Hall Lane and by the Church were also owned and rented out by the two brothers.